Migration to UK rises by 21% despite toughening of stand

As a result of the migration, 239,000 were added to Britain’s population
26th August 2011: Foreigners in Britain have crossed the seven million mark. It is now evident that the migration to UK has risen by 21 per cent despite the toughening of the stand by the Government.
The latest figures suggest the previous year 71,000 people from Poland and other Eastern European countries arrived in Britain. The number was up from 52,000 the year before.

On the other hand, only 31,000 Eastern Europeans emigrated from Britain compared with 47,000 in 2009.

Those born overseas now account for one in eight people, according to the Office for National Statistics. It is predicted at the current rate 70million population will be reached in 2025. it will be four years earlier than the officially-projected date of 2029.

As a result of the migration, 239,000 were added to Britain’s population last year. It registered a  21 per cent increase compared to the previous year.

Statistics reveal immigration was on a rise, even as Britons found themselves unable to leave the country to live abroad.

In fact, the net flow of migrants to the UK registered a 21 per cent increase, while the number of those leaving the country hit a six-year low.

Emigration hit its lowest level for six years at 336,000.

The figures for the second quarter of 2011, from April to June this year indicate study continues to be the most common reason for people from outside Europe to come to Britain.

Responding to the data, migration specialist at the Institute for Public Policy Research Matt Cavanagh said the figures indicate the strategy of meeting their target of reducing net migration to below 100,000 was now turning harder.

He said ministers need to start thinking about how to harness immigration to promote growth. All the indicators show that the immigration cap is not helping youth unemployment, which is back up above 20 per cent, with those not in education, employment or training above 20 per cent.

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