Nearly 75% of new jobs went to immigrants

Britain’s foreign-born population increased by 3 million during Labour’s 13 years

businessmen.png22nd February 2011: Immigrants’ contribution to the economy has once again come to the fore.

An audit of official figures has disclosed that Britain’s foreign-born population increased by three million during Labour’s 13 years in power. But, at the same time 75 per cent of new work went to immigrants.

The figures to be published by the Office for National Statistics on Thursday now reveal that a migrant arrive every minute under Labour. Statistically speaking, 3.2million foreigners came to Britain to live.

Immigration Minister Damian Green, meanwhile, said unlimited migration has placed unacceptable pressure on public services over the years.

That is why they were currently carrying out major reform of the system to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands.

Green said they have already introduced an annual limit to the number of economic visas from outside the UK alongside new proposals to reform other routes of entry including student, marriage and settlement visas, which have in the past been subject to widespread abuse.
Labour’s immigration spokesman Gerry Sutcliffe, on the other hand, said this is an unbalanced, misleading and highly political report. Migration levels increased initially because of the strength of the British economy over many years.

The most recent figures show net migration from outside the EU was coming down as a result of the points-based system and over a third of “long-term migrants” were in fact students, the vast majority of whom study, pay their fees, and then return home.

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