Number of asylum seekers rise; the number of those removed registers a dip

Failed asylum seekers appealing against their decisions too register 30 per cent increase

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28th August 2009: The number of asylum seekers is on a rise, while the number of failed asylum seekers removed from Britain has taken a plunge.
Home Office statistics reveal lesser number of failed asylum seekers is being thrown out of Britain. Statistically speaking, their percentage has gone down by 22.
The second quarter of 2009 saw the removal of 2,400 failed asylum seekers, which were 680 less than the ones removed during the corresponding period last year.
Statistics also reveal all this while the number of applicants for asylum has registered an increase by four per cent. As many as 6,045 applied in the second quarter of this year, compared to 5,830 in the corresponding period last year. Out of the total, one in ten is given discretionary leave to stay.
This is not all. The number of failed asylum seekers appealing against their decisions has also gone up 30 per cent. It now stands at 3,120. But just one in four is successful.
Expressing concern, shadow immigration minister Damian Green says the asylum claims are rising and the number of failed claimants removed is falling, and they were in danger of building up another crisis. The Home Office, in the meantime, claimed it was now concluding 60 per cent of new asylum cases within six months.

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