Seventy percent of four million jobs gone to immigrants

Lazy Britons make way for migrant workers


12 November 2010: It is the lazy or incapable Britons which have made way for the migrant workers. The Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith said nearly three million newly created jobs have been taken by immigrants since 1997.  

Branding Britain’s welfare-dependency culture a national crisis, Smith said it was an offense to give millions of jobs to foreigners while the benefits bill soared. Smith’s hard-hitting comments came as he revealed powerful measures to limit the state handouts that rocketed under Labour. 

He said a streamlined system would ensure people were always better off in work than on welfare – with tougher penalties for those who refused to take jobs. The changes will end the mean deterrent to get off benefits, by showing people they would be better off for each hour, they work and every pound they earn.

A work programme would be introduced to help people return to the workforce, with some long-term jobless required to do unpaid community work. But unemployed people who persistently fail to turn up for jobs or turn them down and refuse to apply will lose their £65-a-week Jobseeker’s Allowance for up to three years.

The allowance will be removed for three months on a first offence, six months the second time and three years on the third, with no appeal The complex system of at least 30 work-related benefits will be merged into one Universal Credit. 

Duncan Smith said it was not in good taste that 70 per cent of the four million jobs ­created since 1997 had gone to immigrants because British people were not capable or able to do them.  He added that this depicted creating jobs was not the only solution to dealing with the five million on out-of-work benefits. 


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