Spanish migrants influx in UK increasing

Spain ranks in top five countries with immigrants in UK

23rd September 2011:
More and more Spanish are making it to the UK. As per the latest government statistics, the number of Spanish immigrants entering the UK have increased noticeably.
The latest statistics make Spain a country with the largest growth in the number of migrants entering the UK – ranking in the top five countries with immigrants in the UK after Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Lithuania and Ireland.

The statistics from UK Department for Work and Pensions reveal that from the last financial year to April 2011 the number of Spanish arrivals registering for social security increased by 85 percent.

Approximately 24,400 Spanish immigrants are working in the UK. These are excluding Spanish people currently studying and working temporarily in the UK.

Given the current economic crisis in southern Europe, the growth of Spanish migrants entering the UK is likely to continue.

Spain belongs to the EEA so citizens are automatically eligible to work in the UK without needing permission from the UK Border Agency.


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