UK continues to have magnetic pull on Indians, Poles, Pakistanis, Irish & Germans

India was the country of birth for largest number of foreign people

25 February 2011: The UK continues to have a magnetic pull not only for the Indians, but also for Poles, Pakistanis, Irish and Germans.


In fact Indians, Poles, Pakistanis, Irish and Germans constitute a substantial chunk of new immigrants to the UK.

The quarterly immigration figures by the Office for National Statistics show a total of 572,000 people came in to the UK. Just about 346,000 packed up their stuff and left the country.

Other figures revealed India was the country of birth for the largest number of foreign people in the UK. In the 12 months to June 2010, they made up about 678,000 of the population.


India was followed closely by Poland.

The statistics suggest the country was second most popular and made up about 520,000 of the population. It was followed by Pakistan (421,000), the Republic of Ireland (398,000) and Germany (292).

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