World Migration Report 2008 – UK data

Figures about the economic, social and cultural contributions of immigration

02 December 2008. The International Organization for Migration has published a report about the immigration around the world: "a process through which nations are built and strengthened or shaken up and weakened".

The report deals with issues like "should migration be considered entirely `natural`, seen as a constituent part of human behaviour, and occurring throughout human history, or profoundly `unnatural` since it is about the (painful) uprooting of individuals from their places of birth and their (equally difficult) relocation in other countries".

The report points out UK immigration data; for example, it referes to the ordinary work permit scheme in the UK for highly or low skilled immigrants. Maps and figures compare the UK to other countries: e.g. "France, the United States, the United Kingdom and Sweden are shown to receive most asylum applications, with Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and Norway receiving the largest number of claims in relation to their populations."

The World Migration Report 2008 tries to provide answers to questions like this:

"Does the immigration lead to the enrichment of countries of origin through the flow of remittances and the transfer of skills and technology or to their impoverishment through loss of talent and inadequate attention to the development of job opportunities at home?" or "Would migration management be more effective if priority of attention were given to the maintenance of national sovereignty in migration or to the free play of market interests?"

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