Living and Working in the United Kingdom: a Guide for Romanian and Bulgarian Nationals


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27 September 2010. Foreigners in UK is proud to present its first guidebook: ‘Living and Working in the United Kingdom – a Guide for Romanian Nationals’, in Romanian language (English and Bulgarian will follow).

How to take up residence in the UK, legal employment; set up a company; your employment rights, your maternity rights… All this in 48 easy-to-read pages, packed not only with the basics, but the details of the rights and duties of Romanians living and working in the United Kingdom.

The guidebook has been printed in June 2010 in 20,000 copies and handed out in the main Romanian meeting points in London and around the UK – embassy, consulate, shops, churches, dentists, beauty parlours…, following the very market-specific distribution of Ziarul Romanesc, our free press weekly for Romanians.

A second level is distribution was on the main means of transportation to the United Kingdom: the guidebooks were on board all Blue Air planes taking off from main Romanian cities and on the buses of the largest Romanian coach companies.

Take a look and give us your feedback.

A special thank-you to our sponsors who allowed the guidebook to be produced.

Federica Gaida




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