Self-employed: worker authorisation not required






If you are working in a self-employed capacity, and exercising a Treaty right on that basis, you will not need to obtain authorisation for that work.


You qualify as self-employed if:

·         you run your own business and take responsibility for its success or failure;

·         you can decide how, when and where you do your work;

·         you deal with more than one paying customer, or have the choice to do so;

·         you are free to hire other people to do the work for you or help you at your own expense;

·         you provide the main items of equipment to do your work;

·         you have a ‘contract to provide services’ or a 'contract for services'


Any person engaged in self-employment must have registered their business activities with the HM Revenue & Customs and be able to show they are paying appropriate national insurance contributions.


If you are exercising a Treaty right as a self-employed person, you are not required to obtain a document confirming this, but you are entitled to a ‘yellow’ registration certificate to confirm your status.

To apply, you will need to fill the application form, which you can download here: Form BR1 (Registration Certificate) .


If you have family members and they are nationals of a member state of the EEA, you may include them in your application.


The UKBA cannot provide written confirmation that your application has been received. It is best for you to send your documents by recorded or special delivery and to use the 'track and trace' facility on the Royal Mail website.

The registration certificate issued on this basis will not confer you a right to take employment on any other basis than self-employment.

Students: worker authorisation not required

Highly skilled Individuals: worker authorisation not required