Voluntary Workers: worker authorisation not required






If you are a voluntary worker you will need to apply for a registration certificate as a self-sufficient person.

You must be able to demonstrate that:

·         the activity is purely voluntary and does not involve taking up a salaried post or permanent position of any kind within the charitable organisation or entering into any arrangement that is likely to constitute a contract of employment; and

·         the activity is either for a charitable organisation regularly engaging voluntary workers listed by the UKBA or a registered charity or recognised body whose work meets the relevant criteria; and

·         the activity is unpaid, or is not likely to be subject to payment of the National Minimum Wage and directed towards a worthy cause; and

·         it is closely related to the aims of the organisation; and

·         it is fieldwork involving direct assistance to those the charitable organisation has been established to help; and

·         that there are satisfactory arrangements for your maintenance and accommodation in the United Kingdom

·         you have comprehensive sickness insurance cover in the UK


If you are exercising a Treaty right as a self-sufficient person, you are not required to obtain a document confirming this, but you are entitled to a ‘yellow’ registration certificate to confirm your status.

To apply, you will need to fill the application form, which you can download here: Form BR1 (Registration Certificate) .

If you have family members and they are nationals of a member state of the EEA, you may include them in your application.

Accession Worker Cards

Students: worker authorisation not required