Car Accident Compensation Claims

Despite a continual advancement in car safety, car accidents remain the most common cause of personal injury. It is estimated that more than 70% of all personal injury claims arise from car accidents.

The most common are where two vehicles collide as a result of careless driving on the part of one or both drivers. Other car accidents can occur as a result of poorly maintained roads, items falling from other vehicles etc… Whatever the cause for car accidents, provided there has been some fault on the part of








victims of car accidents, including passengers, are entitled to claim compensationfor any personal injuries and other losses they sustained as a result.

The types of injuries sustained as a result of car accidents can range from whiplash and other soft tissue injuries, up to catastrophic injuries including fatalities, head injuries and spinal injuries.

By far the most common injury sustained as a result of a car accident is whiplash injury.

This commonly occurs when an individual is sitting in a vehicle which is struck from behind by another vehicle. The main symptom is pain in the neck. The pain may spread down the arm and there may be tingling with or without numbness in the arm and hand. Some individuals suffer symptoms immediately; others develop symptoms after a delay of hours or days. Some individuals recover swiftly, others after prolonged treatment, others not at all.

Whiplash injury is a term which was not referred to in older texts books on orthopaedic injuries. It appears to have become popular during the 1980s at which point i t became inserted into new additions of orthopaedic reference works. The term has become more commonly used because of the increasing number of cars, and because of legislation requiring the use of seatbelts. The wearing of a seatbelt avoids facial injury, but it probably places more strain on the neck during an impact. The impact energy, which would otherwise have been dissipated as the whole of the upper body was flung forwards, is not absorbed by movement of the head on the neck, as it flexes and extends like a whip being cracked.

In the vast majority of car accident claims the person’s insurance company who was at fault pays the compensation. Even in the case of an uninsured or ‘hit and run’ driver, one is likely to be able to secure some compensation from the Motor Insurers Bureau.

The Motor Insurers Bureau is a fund contributed to by all motorists and it pays out to innocent individuals who have been involved in an accident with an uninsured or untraced driver.

Even where the other motorist is from another country or where your accident occurs in an EU country, they will be able to assist you with a claim for personal injury compensation following a car accident.

Your firm of solicitors will ensure you receive the best possible medical treatment your injury requires. They have access to a network of private medical practitioners and can arrange for funding for rehabilitation treatment, surgery etc… at no cost to you.

By Moore Blatch Solicitors
March 2010

The above article is meant to be relied upon as an informative article and in no way constitutes legal advice. For legal advice regarding your case, please contact Moore Blatch on 023 8071 8000.

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