Cyclists at risk from no insurance

What happens if a cyclist collides with a pedestrian, neither of which has insurance cover.

12 October 2008: Cycleguard, an independent insurer offering insurance for cyclists, recently issued a warning to cyclists advising of the risks of going without (at least) third party insurance cover on today's roads.

At present less than 2% of Britain's cyclists have any sort of insurance cover. If for instance a cyclist collides with a pedestrian, neither of which has insurance cover, the consequences of legal action concerning personal injury could be significant and costly.

Cycleguard provide policies mainly for children under 15, and professional cyclists who cycle whilst abroad. However, they have issued this warning to the average cyclists who are increasing in numbers owing in part to the current financial difficulties being experienced in the UK's economy. High rising petrol costs and an increasing conscience in green issues have pushed those keen on a bit of exercise to take the step of commuting to and from work by cycle.

The type of insurance available from Cycleguard is specialist and goes above and beyond that which may be provided by the average legal expense cover in for instance, a home and contents policy. Often such policies exclude road traffic accidents or have other exclusions which may result in the cyclist being directly responsible for compensation bills.

Cyclist insurance is offered by some of the larger insurers also, including Saga, Endsleigh, Norwich Union and Insure and Go. Insurance can be bought in varying degrees such as third party or public liability, accidental damage to your own bicycle, hiring a replacement bicycle and roadside recovery. Drawbacks of the compensation criteria are deductions for wear and tear for bicycles over 3 years old and invalid insurance due to failure to secure your bicycle from theft or damage.

Simpson Millar LLP has experience in dealing with compensation claims involving cyclists. As such claimants often suffer fairly severe injuries because of their vulnerability on the roads, we know how crucial it is to obtain medical opinions quickly and efficiently to ensure a safe recovery, as well as securing a fair compensation settlement. If you have had an accident or require some advice and/or assistance please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated Road Traffic Accident Team on 0800 634 1625.

This article was written by Jo Milne of the RTA Team Simpson Millar LLP

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