How to choose the right energy provider, at the right price

Everybody has the power to choose what they do in life, and at a simpler level, how much they pay for their energy. But, that being said, it can be difficult to know where to look for comparing prices and finding the right supplier.

Once you add tough economic times to trying to get to grips with the United Kingdom, saving money on anything is a bonus. However, it’s not always that simple to find the perfect deal for you. There are three main ways to compare energy prices, and these are:

  • Check the website of suppliers to see what tariffs they offer.
  • A sales person may approach your home or speak to you in a local shopping centre.
  • Use an energy comparison website – to have a look at possible prices.

There are multiple questions that need to be asked so that you know who to pick, and these include:

  1. What is my current energy usage? While this is hard when you have only just moved to the country, meter readings or questions to a neighbour may help you on your way.
  2. What are new supplier charges? Asking companies what their prices are means that they will detail prices as a result, and it is worth doing your research with a number of suppliers in the area.
  3. How do you choose a ‘tariff’? Everyone has different circumstances, and with this, different tariffs and prices are offered to consumers based on them. Be aware that gas and electricity bills come with a five per cent VAT charge.
  4. How do I pay the bills? From quarterly to weekly, cash to direct debit, suppliers tend to offer a variety of options for customers.
  5. Should I worry about hidden or extra charges? While there are a few suppliers who add standing charges, many do not. That said, electricity and gas can be more expensive if this isn’t added.
  6. Are there any complaints? While it can be hard to find negative talk about suppliers, always ask about performance.

Ultimately, choosing the right energy provider is important to cutting your monthly bills. Some additional things to consider include saving energy around the home thanks to using some obvious, but often overlooked tips.

Much like using the tube, there are peak hours for using energy and these should be looked at so that your house only uses energy when it is needed and at the cheapest possible price. Can you towel dry your hair instead of blow drying it? Simple questions, can save many pennies.

Having the best appliances in the business is ideal for getting the top usage out of things, and this is no different when it comes to home appliances. Understand that a 10 year-old freezer uses more than a new one, while there are advances in technology which mean that the simplest things can make a huge difference.

Whether you’re in the home, or in the office, your computer and laptop should always be fully switched off when it is not in use. This, like turning lights off when leaving the room, is a simple yet necessary way to save money around the home.

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