Can I travel while on probationary spouse visa?

QUESTION: I am on a 2 year spouse's probationary visa, which expires in November of this year. We are going travelling in the Far East for a year, from September.  What effect will this have on my ability to get another Visa: will I be able to reenter the country as a visitor after we get back, and what – if anything – do I need to tell the Home Office?

ANSWER: In the circumstances, it is most definitely in your interest to contact the Home Office and notify them of your plans. If you leave the country prior to the expiry of your visa, then if you wish to re-enter, you will be required to re-apply for the necessary entry clearance. It is important to note that the Immigration Rules/Laws have changed and there are now financial requirements introduced into the rules, the duration of most visas upon the basis of relationships have been extended and there is a greater degree of the analysis conducted. The Immigration Rules have become more stringent.
As you may appreciate, it is difficult to comment upon your capacity to re – enter the UK as the Immigration Rules/Laws are subject to change at any time and at each stage you will be required to demonstrate your eligibility to apply. If you and your partner shall be travelling together, it is advisable to retain as much information as possible to verify this as you will be required to explain your circumstances to the Home Office.
We hope this assists with your query, however, in the event that you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate in contacting us.
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