Do I need an accession worker card for each employer?

QUESTION: I’m a Bulgarian national. My employer in the UK has applied for a letter of approval. After he receives it and I get my accession worker card, can I find another job (second job) or must the other employer apply for a different letter of approval (and thus I need to get another accession worker card)? ANSWER: You can work only for the company which made the application for you: any other company that wants to employ you should make their own application for an Accession worker card for you. You can take a second job as self-employed, though (see: Self-employed: rules to work in the UK for Bulgarians and Romanians). The good thing is that after one year working with the same company using this card (employed person) you can make the application for a Blue-card which allows you to work anywhere, with no restriction (see: Exemptions from the worker authorisation requirement ). by Nicholas Solicitors, tel. 0755 3026909

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