Do I need to be in the UK to apply as a highly skilled individual on Form BR2?

QUESTION: Do I have to be currently living in the UK to apply for a registration certificate as a highly skilled individual, citizen of Bulgaria? I am currently living in the US but intend to move to UK. I don’t want to move before I have the certificate. Or is it a requirement (form BR2 says the application is for those applying as highly skilled and working in the UK)? Is there any other way?


In order to come to the United Kingdom as a highly skilled person if you are a national of Bulgaria or Romania, you will need to meet the points assessment UKBA using for the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme and apply using application form BR2.

It is not a requirement to be present in the UK at the time of the application.

If you qualify as a highly skilled individual, UKBA will issue a registration certificate confirming that there are no restrictions on you taking employment in the UK.

There is no validity for the blue certificate so you can use it for as long as you want.

14 January 2011
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