Family visit visa: how do I prove I truly want to stay only 6 months?

QUESTION: Dear Foreigners,

My mum was diagnosed with cancer last year and she asked me to look after her. Her employer and doctors sent supporting documents to help with my visit visa. On that occasion, my brother was in London too, on a student visa.

At that time, I was a student and I returned home after 3 months (even if my visa was valid for 6).

I need to apply for family visit visa again now as my mum is still going through medication.
My father lives with me here in my home country and I only plan to stay in London for 5 months to make sure my mum is doing well.

My problem is I am unemployed and I'd need to be supported financially by my mum. My brother in the meantime has overstayed his student visa, so he currently is in the country illegally.

Will it be a problem that I have no job although I have enough savings? Will it be enough proof that I'll be back here before my visa expires. Also, should I mention my brother in my application?

I really need advices before I make my application.


ANSWER: Dear Reader

You would only really have to mention you brother if he is the person who is going to sponsor your application. Given his current circumstances, he cannot sponsor you therefore you cannot rely on him for you application in any case. Further your mother is the family member which you wish to visit and if she has lawful status in the UK you may apply to visit her here the same would be the case for your brother if he also had lawful status.

In order to succeed in such an application it is very important that you are able to demonstrate with documentary evidence that you have significant ties and responsibilities back home which you cannot abandon and will therefore be compelled to depart from the UK and return to at the end of your trip.

Ordinarily these ties and connections are demonstrated by evidencing a job but there are ways of showing this. For instance, if you are married and have your own family in your native country. If you have children or are responsible for looking after other family members etc., this may be a way of showing your ties and obligations which you must return to in your home country.

The aim is to show that you have no reason to abandon your life back home and that you do not wish to remain in the UK to work, set up a business or study as you have a comfortable life back home. This is obviously easier if you have a job, but if you can show with documentary evidence that you have other opportunities available to you back home and that you have a genuine purpose to visit you mother who is poorly then you may obtain a family visit visa.

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