How to I apply for college if my settlement application hasn’t been yet decided?

QUESTION: My daughter entered the UK as a dependent on my ancestry visa. She applied for ILR at the same time as me but being over 18 years, submitted her own application. This was done and received before the ancestry visa expired on 26th October 2011.
She has now been given a conditional offer to study full-time at a UK university starting in September 2012. However, we have not yet received any of our passports back form UKBA and the university needs to know her immigration status before a confirmed offer can be made. We also need this information in order to know if we can apply for Student Finance.
We have recently called the UKBA Liverpool office and have been informed that the decisions are pending. What is she supposed to do in the interim – Student Finance applications need to be in by 31st May.

ANSWER: I appreciate the delay in the matter but unfortunately, unless the Home Office provide confirmation of when a decision will be made, it is difficult to confirm when this will be as it very much depends upon their backlog of cases.

 If you have the Royal Mail Special Delivery reference number which was provided with the application and an acknowledgement from the Home Office confirming receipt of the application, please provide this as proof of your application.

If a representative prepared the application, you may wish to obtain a written update from them in writing as to the progress of the same and ask them to attach the copy of your daughter’s passport to this. If they are in a position able to confirm the passport is with the Home Office since the submission of the application, then again this may assist you. However, we cannot guarantee this; it is important that you speak to the university with regards to your circumstances and request information upon what else may be accepted as proof.
You may wish to contact your local M.P. and ask whether they would be willing to chase up the application for you as they write to a separate unit at the Home Office, the M.P’s liaison unit and usually receive a response. We cannot advise you to do this; this a personal choice. Further, if the local M.P. is willing to chase up the application, please note that they cannot assist with the application in any way.
Unfortunately, until the Home Office confirm that your daughter has settled status (if they accept her application), if she wishes to apply for university, there is a likelihood that she will be regarded as an international student. Please speak to the relevant bodies with regards to your daughter’s circumstances to obtain further information from them.
I hope this answers your query and assists with the same, however, in the event that you require further information, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

We wish you all the best.

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