How to I know whether my visa has expired?

QUESTION: How to I know whether my visa has expired?

For example, if I want to come to UK and get 3 months free visa. However, after 2 months live in UK I decide to travel to Europe for let say 6 days. When I come to UK, normally they will certify my passport state another 3 months. It is meant that I can stay in UK for another three months or my free visa will valid only 3 month earlier.

ANSWER: A visitors visa, as you may be aware, is only valid for up to a period of 6 months, or 12 months according to the Home Office website if you are accompanying an academic visitor.

It cannot be extended as such, you would travel within the time limits stipulated on the visa itself, and if travelling outside the UK to other popular countries in Europe you would apply for a schengen visa.

Generally, you need to have at least three months left on you UK immigration visa at the time you return from your holiday.

If for example your visa expires on 24 April 2010 you can only apply for a visa up to 24 January 2010.

I would advise you to contact the Schengen Visa Office. All contact with this organistaiton is by email and their contact form. There is no telephone number.

Ultimately you cannot use the opportunity to leave the UK to extend your stay in the UK. After all, the duration of the visa will also be stamped in the passport. Visits abroad require specific permission from the country concerned, but will not extned your own UK visa.   

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