I am European – can I bring my non-European fiance here to live with me and work too?

QUESTION: I am a European national living and working in the UK. I am trying to bring my boyfriend to live with me here from Indonesia, but, considering the tough stance of UKBA, I was wondering what was the best option: to get him in through a fiance visa (and in that case would he be able to work in the UK) or should I try to get him a visa in my home country and then move to the UK through Schengen (again, would he be able to work in the UK on a European visa)?


I cannot advise with regards to the Schengan side of things, however, the fiancé visa  may be an option provided the Applicant's sponsor can sufficiently show that she is able to maintain and accommodate her fiancé and that their relationship is evidently genuine and subsisting and the Applicant can prove he has sufficient levels of English language.

If granted with a fiancé visa he will be given a limited period of 6 months during which he is expected to marry his sponsor. If he does not marry and submit a further application for settlement on the basis of their marriage then he will have to depart from the UK and then make an entry clearance application for settlement as her husband rather than a fiancé form his home country.  

Whilst on a fiancé visa he will not be permitted to work, it is only until he has been given a decision on the application for further leave to remain on the basis of their marriage (which he must submit before the 6 months expire) that if accepted he will then be permitted to work. If granted further leave he would be given a probationary period of 24 months after which he can then go on to apply for Indefinite Leave to remain in the UK.


A Guide on Fiance or proposed civil partner (same sex) visas


September 2011
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