I considered self employed if I’m a full time blogger?

QUESTION: Hi there, am I considered self employed if I'm a full time blogger?

ANSWER: If your full-time blogging is carried out with the intention of making a profit on a continuous basis, it amounts to a self-employed trade. Specifically, you would be classified as a 'literary artist' – an author.

However, if the blogging is done on a on-and-off basis, as a hobby, is does not amount to a trade and you cannot be considered self-employed.

Qualifying as self-employed is paramount for Bulgarian or Romanian citizens ('A2 national'), as you do not need authorisation to work in the UK if you are working in a self-employed capacity , and exercising a Treaty right on that basis.

If you are an A2 national, to see if you qualify as self-employed read: Self-employed: rules to work in the UK for Bulgarians and Romanians

For all others, please read: A guide to being self employed – tax and benefits

You can confidentially check your employment status on the Employment Status Indicator provided by HM Revenue and Customs to see whether you are employed or self-employed for tax, National Insurance contributions (NICs) or VAT purposes.

by Foreigners in UK

23 August, 2012



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