I dropped off college to work, but my study visa is still valid: should I tell Home Office?

QUESTION: I was attending college in the UK but unfortunately due to my financial circumstances, i was unable to pursue this. I stopped attending college in September 2011 but my visa is still valid until April 2013. I am working on a full time basis in order to support myself and my family. Do i need to make the Home Office aware of this?

ANSWER: There is a danger that you may be regarded as an overstayer in the United Kingdom as you are not adhering to the terms of your visa. It is crucial that you consider making attempts to regularise your stay as a matter of urgency should you not wish to return to your home country.

Curtailment is where leave is cut short by the authorities for a reason relating to non compliance of a particular visa.

From 06 April 2012, changes are also being made to curtailment making it mandatory where a migrant has failed to start or have ceased their work or study with their sponsor. This also includes cases where a sponsor notifies the UK Border Agency that a migrant is no longer pursuing the purpose of their visa.

The new changes will seek to reduce the curtailment threshold which is the level of leave you have left (which means that the authorities will not normally pursue curtailment) from 6 months to 60 days.

The new changes will also set out the limited exceptions to mandatory curtailment.

by Paljinder Kaur Bath (Paralegal)

upon behalf of

Sejal Karavadra (Head of the Immigration Department)

@ DBS Law Limited

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