I lost my appeal to bring my sick daughter to the UK with me: who can help me?


Dear Foreigners in UK,

I am fighting to bring my daughter here to the UK with me. She is only 7 years old and she used to live with her daddy before I left Bangladesh. 

Now her father left her and she is sick. She is suffering in Bangladesh, but UK immigration officials just don't want to understand. I need help. I need to save my daughter's life before she dies.

I got Indefinite Leave to Remain in 2010 and my two other kids have British citizenship.

Now I applied to bring her here with us, but they refused. I appealed against the decision, they refused again and they gave me another appeal. They are telling me that I am bringing my daughter here to increase my benefits. I am so distressed because this is all about her suffering!

Help me, please.


Dear Friend,

If you have an appeal pending you really should have legal representatives to present the case properly. There are some legal aid immigration firms out there, although the problem with publicly funded firm is that their resources are limited. 

You'll need to argue both you and your daughter's right to private and family life. Ideally if as a mum you are sponsoring your child, you must show that you can do so without claiming any benefits. 

An easier way before the refusals would have been to apply for the child to come to the UK on a family visit visa. Then, once the child is here, to apply in country for settlement. The reason why I suppose this is easier is because once the child is here it's hard for the home office to forcibly remove the child from the UK. 

You should try calling you local legal aid firms or call the law services commission on 0845 345 4 345. They should be able to refer you to such firms. 




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