I’m married to a European and I want to work in UK

QUESTION: I would like to know if I can work in the UK. I am am from Mozambique and I married to an Italian. What visa do I need to work in the UK?

ANSWER: Yes you can work in the UK, but you first must apply for a Residence Card.

Family members who come to the United Kingdom with an EEA national (your husband is Italian and therefore an EEA national) but who are not themselves a national of an EEA country can apply for a residence card. The card confirms that person’s right of residence under European law. Residence cards are normally valid for five years and take the form of an endorsement that is placed in the holder’s passport.

Applications for a residence card should be made using application form EEA2. You can download the form here.  You make this application if you are in the UK.

If you are outside of the UK, you will need to apply for entry cleranace and will require a family permit. You can download the application for this here.

Once you get the residence card or permit you can begin working.

Hope this helps.

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