Legacy programme: what can I do to make UKBA decide my case without waiting in limbo?

Q) I know that my case is being processed under the “Legacy programme” but I’m very frustrated that UKBA have not yet decided my case and I heard the government charter was for UKBA to decide all Legacy cases by July 2011. What can I do to make UKBA decide my case without waiting in limbo?

A) Unfortunately the Government did not satisfy its charter to conclude all cases outstanding under the Legacy Programme in July 2011. An overflow of cases remain unresolved and UKBA has established a department who is specifically assigned to clear through the backlog of these cases. This department is known as the Case Assurance and Audit Unit. You should write to this department with full details of your case and provide them with your Home Office reference number with any relevant correspondence for their attention and ask them to make a decision in your case without further delay and to provide an acknowledgment to your request. It is also strongly recommended that you also approach your local. M.P for their assistance and ask the M.P to write to this same department and procedurally, UKBA do tend to reply to M.P’s correspondence quite quickly and the assistance of an M.P is also helpful in obtaining resolve in a matter.

The details of the Case Assurance and Audit Unit are as follows:


Case Assurance and Audit Unit

Department 87

PO Box 306


L2 0QN


by Raheela Hussain,

Principal Solicitor of Greenfields Solicitors


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