Post-study worker visa refused: not enough monies. What can I do?

I applied for a post study worker visa but the Home Office refused my visa as they said I did not have £800.00 in my account for the past 3 months. What can I do?

If you had an end monthly balance of £800.00 each month, then you may want to appeal the refusal decision.

If during the three months on any day(s), your daily balance fell to below £800.00 but still the end monthly balance was £800.00 or over, you could argue that you do have enough monies to maintain yourself.

The current guidance policy on the post study worker is not drafted well and as such, there is scope to argue what it mean by adequately maintaining oneself. If you can show you are up to date with bills, rent, haven’t and don’t need to claim benefit as you earn enough or have adequate savings, there could be a good chance of you successfully appealing the refusal decision and obtaining a post study work visa.

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