Accidents at work

I had a car accident on my way to work: am I entitled to any kind of indemnity from my employer?

No your employer cannot be blamed for the accident which occurred on your way to work. If you suffered an injury as a result of a road traffic accident you could receive compensation from the driver of the vehicle at fault even if you were a passenger. You should contact Personal Injury solicitor who will assist you further.

I work at a building site where few safety measures are applied. Just a few days ago, a colleague of mine fell while working on a girder. What can my colleagues and I do to bring our employer to provide us with a safe work environment?

You should make a complaint to the Health and Safety Executive on 0845 345 0055 or Local Authority Enforcement Officer. You have a right to make a complaint anonymously.

I started working a few days ago. Should I apply for private insurance against accidents at work?

All employers are required by law to have Employers Liability Insurance, which means that if you have an accident at work which wasn't your fault your solicitor could help you to recover compensation for resulting pain and suffering and financial losses.

However if you would like to buy a private insurance there are a number of different types of Personal Accident plans available. These vary dependant on your personal needs, occupation age and circumstances. Benefits can be paid either as an income or as a lump sum. Lump sum benefits are paid upon death of the member or loss of sight to one or both eyes, loss of limbs and digits etc and often prove to be the most cost effective option due to their limitations of use. It is more common to purchase personal accident cover which provides you with an income if unable to work due to accident. These policies can cover you for illnesses as well as unemployment if required.

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