How to book an appointment at a UK Visa Application Centre

When you apply for a UK visa, you must be ready to visit a visa application centre as part of the application process.

In many countries, you are required to book an appointment. In others, you simply need to visit the visa application centre.

To see whether you need to book an appointment, you can use the UKBA country finder service: Country finder.

If you are required to book an appointment, you can do so right after you have submitted your application online via Visa4UK.

Appointments are usually available up to 12 weeks in advance, on a 'first come, first served' basis. You will have greater choice of appointment times if you book in plenty of time before you intend to travel.



To book, reschedule or cancel an appointment, follow the instructions on Visa4UK.

Have your application security details and your unique visa application number (GWF) at hand: this number is in the confirmation email that UKBA sent you when you saved or submitted your online application form.

No appointments are available at your chosen visa application centre on any dates that are greyed out. However, you can save your application and return later to see whether any appointments on those dates have become available. If there is more than one visa application centre in your country, you should see whether there are any suitable appointments at the other centre(s).

If no alternative centres are available, you should book an appointment at a later time and return regularly to see whether any appointments have become available – if they do, you can reschedule your appointment. You can also contact the visa application centre, using the details provided on your appointment confirmation.



If the visa application centre that you have selected is not suitable, you can book an appointment at a different centre. Log in to Visa4UK, select 'change you appointment' and then select 'change the location of your appointment'.

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