Transitional Rules for Skilled and Temporary Workers: a Breakdown

What to do before Tiers 2 and 5 of the Point-Based System kick off on 27 November

12 October 2008. Many existing immigration categories are due to close when tiers 2 and 5 of the points-based system are take effect. After this date, if you have permission to stay in the United Kingdom and you want to extend your stay applying for renewal, you'll need to apply under the points-based system.

As a premise, the UKBA clarifies that If you are already in the United Kingdom, you will be able to complete your period of leave, providing you continue to meet the terms of your leave.

If you have already been granted entry clearance, that is a visa, abroad, but have not yet entered the United Kingdom yet, you will still be able to enter the United Kingdom and complete your period of leave.

If you have been granted a period of leave of over six months, you will be able to leave and re-enter during your period of leave. However, if you have been granted less than six months leave, you will not be able to re-enter under one of the abolished categories and you will need to apply again under the full requirements of the points-based system.Applications for work permits posted after Tiers 2 and 5 of the points-based system are introduced will not be accepted (unless you are a Bulgarian or Romanian national).

If you are currently on a multiple entry work permit, you cannot apply under the transitional arrangements. If you want to continue working in the United Kingdom after your current leave expires, you must return to your normal country of residence and make a fresh application. This application will be subject to the full points-based system criteria.

There are no transitional arrangements, as no extensions are allowed and they do not lead to settlement, for the working holidaymaker scheme;the Japan Youth Exchange scheme, gap year entrants working in United Kingdom schools concession.

For all other categories which will be abolished when Tiers 2 and 5 of the points-based system are introduced, you may view a detailed table of transitional arrangements on:

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